Can i create a app having 20 screens


when i strarted to create a app with 7 screens , one screen was consisting lot of blocks and then that screen was opening very slowly , then i decided to divide data into 20 screens , will it be seccusfull


It is not recommended to use more than 10 screens


You can have more than 20 pages in one screen.

  1. Make vertical arrangement 100 Percent wide 100 percent height.
  2. Make visibility to False. And so on…
  3. If you need to open a page when a button click or any action you do JUST make visibility to True.
    If you need more explanation, you are free to ask.


it usually hangs due to your pc configuration and browser as well. or maybe outdated flash and java .


Here are a couple of examples you can use (with aia files included)

With Tabs:

With Sidebar:


see tip 1 here



can i send aia file to you , will you check please what the problem with .aia file to open very late


when i open the blocks screen then always reporting this error and opening very slowly and cannot perform any action in blocks section of that screen


5847 blocks is toooo much !! u should change your algorithms to make an effective app. you are most possibly using the wrong algorithms to develop logics.


@Swetha even 2 screens are rarely preferable & I refer you to please go through the above quote and it is a best practise.


hi hitesh , i AM new to this thunkable i have just seen ur apps from playstore there are awesome
can u plz help me
i just to trying to develop an educational app regarding our college unique syllabus so it can much more easy to analyse and study to my friends and coming students too
which app inventor clone you prefer hitesh ,like to create a dynamic app to upload study videos,to refer pdf files
help me hitesh


it doesnt matters which clone u use…its about how u develop app …how u make UI look better and develop algorithms and use proper extensions.