Can i Convert Text as Image for Overlay 2 Images


Can i Convert Text ( Wrapped ) as Image for Overlay 2 Images

Example - Image 1 Flowers Background
Image 2 - label text as image


You can write text on a Canvas, and set the background image of it to whatever you want.


Sir one thing

will you please tell me how can i pass the TEXT to be converted as png from my app.

Please have a look


You don’t need to convert the text to put it on the image. The canvas component has a write text method you can use to write directly on your image.


I have used Taifuns Image editor extension.

It contains a block similar like this

I have built my complete app and hosted in Google Play Store. I want to update some options.

It is a wall paper app along with Good Morning Messages etc etc. I want to overlay text on the background image

You can find the app at

My concept is to convert the text into png i have hundreds of quotations) which loads every time the user clicks the reload button with web.get component

I need an idea how can i pass the text in a label to php


Write the text on a canvas, with the background color set to none. Then save the canvas image as a png file. Next use Taifun’s overlay method to join the png you just saved with the background you want to write on.


Any example please



I have tried this

But not working

Please look at this blocks


After trying this
i can able to see the image with overlay

but the canvas text what we have saved is invisible

Please look at the blocks


Please respond


an example about how to use the overlay method you can find here


SIr i got this error image its your test aia file.
overlay.aia (49.2 KB)