CameraViewer Extension


Yep, that works! Great! Thanks very much!


Quick question: if the user presses the device’s “Home” button while the app is running CameraViewer, the app closes as usual but the camera is left running so that other apps can’t use it (and it also continues to use loads of battery while in this state). You then need to either re-open the app and shut down the camera before re-closing the app, or go to Android’s Recent Applications menu and remove. So the question is, is there a clever way in an App Inventor app to call “CameraViewer1 Stop” when the Android Home is used to close the app?


At present did audio supports this extension??


how to use:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Hello @Andres_Cotes , how do I do the base64 getdata decode?


He Andres , how to use cameraviewer with audio on firebase




How do you get an image from the camera viewer? What does the “Recibe” and “Data” Component stand for?


Old version you can send string for firebase y create video chat


I want the image (picture) during the live feed and want to send the picture to Microsoft emotion recognizer.
Here’s an Idea of what I’m trying to implement:


Toturial about camera orientation… my screen need to be landscape, but the camera still in portrait possition.


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I want a litle help about the extension sorry me if someone has answer my question but i have search the community and i didn’t find any answer. So my question is… i have made the code below but the image1 didnt sow the camera, i am doing somethink wrong?



hello how i can help


Is it possible to record a video and save it in the device?


Hey did you finish this project? I’m interested in sending an image from camera viewer to an http post while also seeing the feed on the phone


Hello @Michael_Mckenna

Please followup with the Extension Developer.




Thanks I’ve gotten a hold of Andres, but still confused. What is the input, and why not the camera?


Hello I was try to use your extension but I can’t get any data on the block “When CameraViewer1.Data”


how to take pictures with this extensions.