CameraViewer Extension


Hello thunkers!
Here I bring to you rare footage about my new extension: CameraViewer! It lets you get images from the front camera and together with firebase, websockets or mqtt you can make videocalls! (For now, without audio)

To be a beta tester, you can donate anything you want starting with 2$, and when the extension is done, you will receive the final extension for 10$

(When the audio is done)

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Thanks for your contribution :smiley:
This is really a big step for all of Thunkable, Appybuilder etc, Now your imagination is truely the only limit!


Awesome.the future of all app builder in your hand.I don’t want this wonderful extension to be paid​:joy::joy::joy:


That means augmented Reality is possible using Thunkable? BTW great work man…


yes :wink:


This + other extension = AWESOMENESS


When is the official release of this extension ?? I am eager see that


Is it possible to record video and manage record time and preview window size?
I need to record video and display some information at the same time at the rest of part of the screen.
I’m ready to make a donation if can implement it.


hey @Andres_Cotes what type of data does the fire base store???


String base 64


Hola, buenos dias.
Esta extension es un buena idea y para las pruebas que estoy haciendo me viene estupendamente.
El problema es quecuando lo intento ejecutar me retorna el mismo error que a otros usuarios.
¿Como podemos solventar dicho error?.

Runtime Error
setParameters failed
End Aplication

Gracias por todo.


Muy bien @Andres_Cotes, estupenda extensión.


Juan Antonio, buenos dias.
A ti te ha funcionado?.



Hola Javier, no he probado esa extensión, simplemente escribí el mensaje para animar y felicitar a Andrés por su extensión, que me parece una buena idea y para que la continúe y mejore.


Gracias Juan Antonio por tu respuesta.

Un saludo,


There is a message setParameters failed. What can i do?


How do I go about donating $2 and getting the beta tester to play around with please? Thanks.


Yay, found the donation/download page and have done both. Can’t get past the setParameters error. Running android 5.1 on a Motorola MotoG. Any way around this prob?


This is an error in the extension self. Many users have already reported. Probably the developer can fix it soon. Contact extension developer via email …


try (18,7 KB)

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