Camera orientation


Do you have blocks that check and change the orientation of the phone?


no i dont have specific bloks…
Should I add? :confused:

but the metadata of pictures are good


Try Downloading This App On The Device To See If It Is Sensing The Orientation
Community.aia (1.4 KB)


thanks :slight_smile: i try


ok if switch Screen Orientation to=> sensor it 's work !!


So the app I gave you works on the device your using. So its a problem with the app not the device. Is this correct?

EDIT: Oh @Artgraphe_Paris You Changed The Screen Orientation Setting On Screen1

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Exactly the device look ok
when i change " screen oriantation" seeting to “sensor”


Cool! Glad To Hear That Its Working!


but the orientation of camera pictures dont change :confused:
when i do this

if i take portrait picture it’s display a landscape image :scream:


You Could Do Something Like This

Im not really sure if this would work?


but it dont work
the probleme is not the screen orientation ( it’s look good : when i rotate the device the screen rotate too) but the image orientation of the camera picture ( when i shoot a portrait whith the camera and display it in a image it become landscape) :dizzy_face:


Maybe try using a variable to see what orientation the picture was taken and then lock the screen to that orientation


yes it’s possible to found the oriantation of the taken picture in the metadatas of it.

and i think rotate it in a" image sprite " and "save it " but it’s look very heavy :imp:

There must be a simpler method :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Hmm. Maybe @Conor or @barreeeiroo Will Know?


thanks lucatunes

I keep looking


I cannot seem to reproduce the issue from what I think you mean.

Could you explain your issue in more detail?



@Conor I believe he/she has a camera component. When he/she takes a picture the picture is shown on screen. It is displaying the opposit way that the phone orientation is.


In that case. This is supposed to happen. If the image is taken in portrait, it can’t be rotated because it will be on its side. You could use the ‘Rotate’ property with an orientation sensor to rotate it but it will be on its side.


ok i try to explain
i do a very simple app
orientation.aia (1.5 KB)
click and take a picture in portrait ( verticale )
“image1” display the picture Horizontally (landscape) :unamused:
i make the test on samsung galaxy note4



Thanks for the additional information and the .AIA file.

I have tested it and it works fine for me.
I took a picture in portrait and it displayed in portrait in the image component.