Calliope extension

Hello all,

I hope you know Calliope. If not, you have to read one of these sites:

I´ll make an extension for Calliope.
I hope you´ll like this extension!


Cool, a link would have been helpful though, searching Google for Calliope in English was useless. I assume this is what you’re talking about?

It reminds me of the BBC micro:bit, it looks great. I’m looking forward to hearing how you get on with this extension!

Viel Gluck!

You´re right. I´ve forget to link the sites.
I´m now looking for the right hex converter because without hex it doesn´t work!
I promise that I keep you updated!

Do you have to upload the hex directly to the board? Is this over USB like the micro:bit it can you program the board wirelessly?

You upload the hex directly to the board over USB. Calliope uses an online IDE, much like Arduino. Hasn’t the Teensy also .hex files? This looks interesting, I keep an eye on that

Yes, that´s right.

I have to try it out…

I´ve found the right hex converter! I´m now processing the aix file!


Hi Nico, have you already achieved something by controlling the Calliope via APP thunkable? Did you continue to work on the theme?
BG Dirk