Buttons lose material properties upon editing



As you can see, the buttons don’t look so material anymore after changing their color or shape (ink overlay upon click also disappears). Please fix this as soon as possible as I am unable to change the way the button looks without compromising on shadows and ink effects.

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You can try to get a material button image and put is as image background, but the animation when click will be not fixed…


Don’t use buttons instead use canvases as buttons you wont have any of these rendering issues…


Canvases cannot add ink overlays and other material features like shadows, if I am right.


They can you just need to get creative canvases are the only thunkable objects with access to the Z axis object plane.


We really need the ripple effect usable for all buttons in native thunkable.


Check this out. May be of some help:


I think I may have a fix for this. @admins please look into this.
According to Android’s official documentation, in order to change the background colour of a button, the “background tint” should be set, not the “background color” property.
I presume that as of now, the Thunkable editor changes the “background color” property of the button. This should be fixed if the “background tint” property is set instead.



Problem solved:

Use the ChangeButtonBackground method.


I already tried this method, and in the end the material ripple effect is not as obvious as default one and the edge of the button is also hard to see if both background color and button color is set to white.