Button Not Working



Hello Experts,

Recently I just made a simple app with few buttons. All buttons are working fine expect ONE button.

When I click that button "App" Stop working. Please check this screenshot

Also check this block option too.

Waiting for the reply asap. Thank you.


I guess you shouldn’t start a timer when opening a new screen.


Thanks for reply @Peter_Mathijssen

But I applied same thing rest of buttons too and they are working fine :slight_smile:


Or there is something in your Screen4 that is causing the error.


Take a look at the screen4 block


Should I create the new screen and try again? Cause I already changed the button but problem coming from Screen I guess :frowning:


Is it an earning app that you are making?


I’m making a historical books based in my religion. And I put one admob ads in there. Why is there any problem?


No there is not. I don’t mind when people use ads in their app. I just see to many people making earning apps these days and i really really really don’t like earning apps. And that is an understatement. :sunglasses:

I have no experience in using admob component in apps so i can not help you with that.


Yeah I can understand but I just put only 1 ad that also showed 1 times after 5 seconds and never showed again :slight_smile:


I remove that ad but its still not working :yum:


always stop all clocks before switching screens as @Peter_Mathijssen already suggested


Hey @Peter_Mathijssen @Domhnall

Please take a look. When I’m click that button and trying to go new screen. App stop working


Error Message


The recommended method of switching screens in App Inventor

see also



I think there’s contradiction of event here.

If you plan to load ads using clock, set the “open another screen” after clock event finish, and you need to set condition when the clock should be disabled before move to another screen.