Building failed problem


the error message:

Build failed! Timeout while fetching URL:

There is a problem with Thunkable build
Build failed! Timeout while fetching URL

Same problem here, it started 10m ago. #Timeout


possible it it thunkable server problem


Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do at the moment. You’ll have to wait until the the team get the build server running again.

I’ll pass the message on to make sure they’re aware.

Build failed! Timeout while fetching URL

alright, thx for ans


Hi there. Sorry for the trouble. It should have just been an issue on beta for a few minutes. Let me know if anyone had this issue on, and if it persisted/still is an issue.


I’m having the issue on It’s been down for a few hours.


Build failed.


Looks like there is definitely an issue. Should have it resolved ASAP. Will update as soon as I can


Ok everything has been resolved. There was an issue with one of our cloud providers. Thanks for reporting this. If there are issues still please tag me here.


لم يتم حل المشكله هل من حل ؟؟


you might want to start a new thread and add a screenshot of the error message

also follow the tips, especially 1 and 2