Build failed unknown error compiling error: DX execution failed

please help as soon as possible

your error message is DX execution failed
protip: do a search in the forum to find Steve JG’s monster list of things to check


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@Taifun Is there anywhere in particular within this list that mentions ways to resolve DX errors, or explains what DX errors actually are?

I searched for DX and found 0 results:

In fairness, there are over 2,500 words in that post so it’s quite possible that I missed the explanation somewhere.

what about searching for DX execution failed or monster list as suggested?
here is the monster list

EDIT: as I now can see from your screenshot, you found the monster list…
each point on the monster list might be the issue, why someone gets a DX execution failed error… that thread is a collection of several possibilities, which have been collected by SteveJG during the years while answering questions like that… hope that helps…


Again, as per my original question, where exactly in this list is the phrase “DX Execution” mentioned?

Or where in this 2,666 word article is a DX Execution error explained??

well, most probably it’s not mentioned at all there? :wink:
you might want to read my previous edited answer…

You probably save your project like save as and I think you have done this multiple time. Every time you save the file as save as it will lose some of the micro characters. That’s the only explanation. download aia file to your computer and upload it again. I think your problem will be solved. I solve pls let us know. I’ve faced such problem for about 1 month and after applying this method my project was compiled.

No lo creo, yo borre todos los bloques y ahĂ­ si me copilo el apk. al importar de nuevo el aia con los bloques de nuevo, este sigue con el problema, y solo se soluciona borrado todos los bloques.