Build Error App is not getting build: The compiler error output was


Since yesterday my app is not getting build before that is was fine since then its not getting build


Which server are you using. beta.thunkable or app.thunkable?




Contact the admins and see if they have a fix solution to that.


any error message?
how many screens do you have?
how many assets (images, videos, audios)?


hmm we don’t seem to have a problem. are you still getting the error.


Am using app.thunkable now and everything is working fine. @mohamed_nizamudeen I think you should send us some block images or tell us the list of extensions you are using. Some extensions could also cause build error problems


@amrita @Brainwork There is no errors in codes im sure i was using in beta till last week i was downloading and everything was fine but since server of beta shut down on 16th i came ti know only on 17th i downloaded everything and shifted to app.thunkable this error is produced


do a search in the forum for "The compiler error output was"


Thunkable is unable to compile this app. The compiler error output was this is problem im having till now its not fixed !! @amrita @Taifun


@mohamed_nizamudeen what about answering these questions as a start?

  1. how many screens do you have?
  2. how many assets (images, videos, audios)?
  3. which extensions are you using?



16 screens but it was working fine ! but suddenly idk what happened ,
2. only 2 or 3 images
3. NO extensions


in any case you should follow tip1 and tip2 here



Have you added an icon? What are the dimensions?

can you upload your aia for us to have a look at?


I imported an extension and then started seeing problems on my apps and I wanted to remove the extension but it was not possible