Build an emergency alert system with an admin login (similar to what i did)

I created the emergency alert system but here is how to create something similar.

On the welcome page, you need a welcome message then a button which gets you into the user login page. Put a label that says (Select the type of user you are) then put two buttons down, one saying “user” and the other one saying “administrator”.

On the user type page,you need two labels one for the all clear messages ad the other for emergency alerts. Create two cloud variables one called “all clear” and the other one called “alerts”.
(Optional add-on) Add an text to speech which will play the broadcast message in sound. If you are using this, we will later use the mark optionaladdon1.
On the admin page which you will navigate if you click on the button admin, you need a text input and a button.
you need a logic block and when the button is clicked we need to confirm that the admin code imputed in the text input is correct. You need a logic block and a text of a code for example 47563573 and when the code is correct, navigate to a screen where there is a button and when you click that button it navigates to a screen with two options with an all clear messages. In that screen, add a text input and a button. When that button is pressed you need to set all clear to the text from text input.
Now go back to the userpage, put in the block when cloud all clear changes and set the label which says the all clear messages and set that label’s text to the variable all clear.
Do the same with the alert but this time you are going to use the variable alert. If you are using optionaladdon1 you need an extra text input and another cloud variable called txt. Do the same for the last two. But when you reach the block when cloud txt changes, in the text to speech you have to use the block call speak and program it to speak the text in the variable cloud txt.
After you completed this step, test it and you’re done. You now have to login as administrator and enter the admin code and when there is an emergency you can enter the information in the text input, while other users will login as user and will receive information you’ve send.