Bluetooth LE & Arduino 101 Extensions

Hello Thunkers! Today, I just want to introduce 2 extensions.
Note: they are not made by me, you should notice that MIT group did create these extensions.

  1. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Extension (156.1 KB)
  2. Arduino 101 (IoT) Extension (60.5 KB)
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If you introduce them, you should explain what they can do and how they work



Can i have some help please

I need to read some data that my BLE device send & show them in my app
i tried all the possible combination but without any results :frowning: …idk if its a bugg or its just im missing something
i want to use this condition (StringsReceived) in extension


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Do you have Arduino 101? Because this extension is for that model. You can not use it with Arduino Uno or Mega.

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i have “bluno beetle” & im only using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Extension.
it works perfectlty when i send data from the app to my bluno beetle… but when i try to collect data with ReadStrings/ReadByte/ or any Read function (in my last picture) that this extension provide it dont even seem working :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:!!

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i tried this extension too from MIT App Inventor Extensions

it works but only in debug mode (thunkable live) & when i install it in my phone (APK), the app crash when i lunch the scan mode (startScaning)

Im testing on an android smartphone with Android Lollipop 5.1

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it looks like oyu are using the old version of the BLE extension, the new version you can find here



Yesss! This one works better

Using (Register for String) fonction is more better than (Read for String) function

This is a test that i made if anybody is interested in this extension & i hope that will be useful :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
BLETest.aia (155.1 KB)

Thanks dear Taifun :blush:


The “normal” BLE Extension works better or the Arduino 101 BLE Extension works better? Anyone have success with the Arduino 101 BLE Extension?

Thank you.
What is the Arduino code you are running to make this APPInventor app to work?

I am not receiving any data to the APP from the Arduino