Bluetooth HEX transmission


I’m having issues getting HEX values to register with BT Device. Device successfully paired through app, but not processing commands.

From the Docs:
“Input order and send by hexadecimal (when the Input order is A00101A2 open the relay , when the Input order is A00100A1 close the relay)”


BUMP. I haven’t gotten any traction lately getting an answer to this question. I’m able to get it to work in another 3rd party app… just not this one. Thanks.


@ chris_williams i have same problem , please , give me solution


It is a little late to answer this question, but it is good that there is proof for others. I was looking for a solution for a long time, and I asked in several forums but nobody could find the solution. Finally, I found it myself. In this way:

And it works perfectly. The relay is activated and deactivated as if the hexadecimal byte sequence had been sent to it. But you have to convert it previously to base 10.