Blocks Limit might hinder AI performance


I am currently working on developing a complex and intelligent AI. However, what I fear is the Thunkable Blocks Limit.

I have seen many developers complaining about the Too Many Blocks error. I understand that I should DRY program (suggestion by @Taifun) and reuse blocks, I believe that the number of blocks required for an AI might cause this error.

I there any solution to this problem, if I really have anything to fear?


Try to divide your app into multiple screens. Do not make it as a one screen.
Then your blocks will be a few in more than one screen.
Your screens should be less than 10 screens.


That’s alright, but I don’t think a ChatBot AI can have multiple screens for its algorithm.

Is there anyway I can access blocks for another screen?


how does your algorithm look like? You might want to provide a screenshot of some blocks so we can see, if you really follow the DRY principle



Okay! I am currently traveling, would provide the screen shots in a day or 2.


@Taifun what does DRY principe mean ?


DRY means Don’t Repeat Yourself.
You may read more at Wikipedia.


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