Blocks area cannot be saved - lost all of my app


When editing my app on Thunkable I got the error ‘Blocks area did not load properly’ on every screen. I got off the app, and now when I load it, every block on every screen is gone, and I also get the error on my other projects.

I there any way I can retrieve my old app and fix the problem?


Any option to retrieve previous edit history from @thunkable would be appreciated.


it seems to be, you had to learn the hard way, that backups are important… see also tip 6 here



I there any way one of the Thunkable team could retrieve old save files?


Have you used extensions?


In the app there are extensions


Maybe it’s because you updated an extension and his arguments are not the same as in the older versions. I had the same issue like yours. Just try to downgrade the extension, and try to drag the block (Leave empty the inputs) in the editor and refresh the tab.


After that the other blocks should appear, if not, it means you have another problem.


I removed all extensions from the app, but the problem still occurs. I guess I’ll have to start again from scratch :sleepy:


Sorry if I couldn’t help you :pensive: