Bixby Button Extension?

I am wondering if it is possible to use the Bixby Button as a trigger or if any extensions are available. A Bixby extension would be awesome.


I dont think so, because the app needs to work in the background then.

Isn’t @ILoveThunkable making an extension that would run the app in the backround? @ILoveThunkable could you possibly add this feature? thanks

I thought he stopped working on that

So now, as everyone have a million questions about Background Tasks. I will give the truth…
So as you know a month or something similiar ago I released an announcement saying I am creating Background Tasks extension. I actually was developing it until a few things.

  1. First, I would like ti address, why did I stop working on it. Well everything happened due a few things. Currently, I am working on a few different things.I don’t have as much time as I had before. That’s why I am not so active anymore, I don’t create new extensions & as well work on Background Tasks extension.
  2. What did happen to website? Right now it is down. will no longer be part of Background Tasks Extension. It will used for my project called Tasks - a simple web server written in Python with a help of XML for static webpages.
  3. How do you think to continue work on it? Well, indeed, I will still try to work on it (when I have time). But I am not making promises.

As, @Sander0542 said, I stopped working on it due a few problems, which I addressed yet. So, sorry @CrackedVideos for that. I cannot work on that (maybe only for now)…

So that’s all I want to say. Thank you for understanding me. Peace!

P.S: Times are changing…