Bitwise Extension

com.appdev1012.aix (98.2 KB)
Hello! Please find my first extension, to do bitwise operation.


felicitaciones por favor puedes agregar una descripción de lo que realiza tu extensión y unas capturas de los métodos que emplea

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what is bitwise?

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Obrigado. Coloquei as fotos. Obrigado pelo seu trabalho tambem.

Hi nathan_P; thank you for bitwise extension, that was exactly what i needed; i used it in one of my projects and it worked great!
Unfortunately i couldn’t work on it for several monthes, and now that I resume work, I found that project doesn’t compile any more.
I made some test and seems to be an issue related to the extension: removing the extension from the project, it resume to compile.
Do you have the same problem? There might be a solution?
Thank you