Biometric verification. Fingerprint verification

Hey guys,
I’m trying to create a really simple app. The user has a profile and a “credits” variable on their profile. The apps functionality is, the user scans a QR code and is then prompted to authenticate payment by providing their fingerprint. On success, it will reduce the “credits” variable.

But I’m not able to find a fingerprint module anywhere though. So, is this possible?

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hi, that functionality is not there but still I can just advice you something that this is app might not be possible because every phone does not have a fingerprint sensor!! So, I guess that is very complex

Oh damn, is there no work around ?

Yeah, that’s a valid point but I’m creating this app for a college project and will be using it only on one device for now.

photo collage and you mean to secure that

No. I meant “college” like “university”.

ok I got it that means you want to save the college friend’s profile by a qr code and just secure it by a finger print

Currently, only experimental type is available as JavaScript which you can integrate with your App

Through the web viewer?
Have you tested any of it?

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I actually tested an external scanner with a webpage. The scanner device has its own API using JavaScript extensions. Have not tested it in Thunkable