Best Login Template




What is needed
*Background İmage :Download

  • 3x Label
    *1x Textbox
    *1x Password Textbox
    *2x Button

How to make

***Screen Properties
Align Horizontal Center
Align Vertical Center

Code:1 Login Text Properties
Font Size 25
Font Typeface roboto thin ▾

Code: 2 username and password text properties
Font Size 14.0
Font Typeface roboto thin ▾
width fill parent
aligment left

Code 3 Textbox’s Properties
Font Size 14.0
Font Typeface default ▾
Height Automatic…
Width %75 percent

Code 4 Buttons Properties
Font Size 14.0
Font Typeface roboto thin ▾
Height Automatic…
Width 75 percent…

LoginTemplate.aia (73.8 KB)

What are the possible ways to create a login?
User id and password for application users to login
Feedback and Assessments

Can you share an .aia? So we can see it in action :yum:


It Is Just The Design. Functions Are Not Available :slight_smile: but i am sharing the aia file :slight_smile:


Awesome Job, I love it. Keep Thunkin!


Very attractive GUI. keep going…


Really Clean and Attractive GUI :heart_eyes:


for the functionality you can take a look at the login template by eiXerITS

and A complete login example using a fusiontable as simple as possible
and: please do not store passwords in plain text in your database



My login templates are quite simple :sweat_smile:

I think I will try yours in one of my apps :thumbsup:


I think creating a templete is easy , why dont you even add the aia and then share it? :smile: Not being rude, just saying


Because there is no reason to share blocks as it is just a ‘template’


Yes i know, i am just telling that he could add the aia soo others could use it and create something beautiful :smiley:


There is an aia file with the original post


This works for me. Just two letters of the password are entered into the fusion table.


i need a project file please help


Why? If you look at the top of this post, there is a tutorial :slight_smile:


where ? this is only design i need refer/invite app project , where people download app from my invite link and after download they input invite code and got some points ,for future gift redeem please help guys !


At the bottom of the post :slightly_smiling_face:


Your login templates is very cool :+1:, unlike my login templates below : :point_down:

I will try yours templates in one of my apps :grinning:


My template :smiley:


Thanks, your template inspire me