Before release test extension


Hello @all! :slight_smile:
Who wants to test the new method “pop up menu” before it will be released?

Here is the test extension:
com.NMD.PopUpMenu.aix (7,3 KB)

Please report bugs or other things.

How to create a drop down menu?
Pop up at text box
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Spinner - drop down option

Thank you for sharing, because I was like: Oh yea, let’s rock! But afterwards, I seen you saying “coming in a next update”… I will use this in my OpticalMath.


haha :smiley:
now is the test extension online! :smiley:
feel free to use it or test it :slight_smile:


Is there any way to change the theme? My app is light, and the dark does not really go with it. Thanks :smiley: Look foward to using this :slight_smile:


i noticed that when the pop up is showing, i can’t write in a textbox.
can you do something for this?

How hide the pop menu?

hi,it is a good extension,but how to change theme,it is default black,i want white.


And what’s the difference to the , @Mika?


the spinner component has a bug,first display,cannot trigger event when clicked first item.


yes, selecting the first item of a spinner does not fire the AfterSelecting event
therefore you should use a text like this “Please select a line” as first item, see also this example


You might want to add Light Theme to this extension whenever you get time - not urgent.


When I have time, i build a full version of this extension.
It is still only a simple preview extension :smiley:


can i chenge its background colour or its font


hello, did you update popupmenu extension ?


Thanks a lot for the extension


Extension is great i am using this extension in my app and is working fine but it would be great if you add a support to use material icons or to create custom popup menu.