Beautiful Listview Responsive Grid with ( jquery mobile )



The example displays an App Inventor list in a jQuery Mobile ( Listview Responsive Grid ).
The user can select an item. The selected item id will be returned back to App Inventor and displayed in a label .

On WebView we Use the WebViewString property :

1- You can works completely offline & no Internet connection required .
2- no download of files necessary to create this liestview, all required files are uploaded as assets into your app.
3- You can create dynamic list so easy like ( Spreadsheets ).
4- You can use different Theme and color and you can .
5- You can use filtre or not.
6- You can add Text like this exemple:

Screenshots :

Dynamic list with button and text (a grid)

correct video link


work for me:

But : i add other link for you


the result looks nice… good job…


Can you sent a list or Screenshot of all properties?


this project is dead and is no longer supported, you can watch my new extension here: