Ban forum member

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Paging @domhnallohanlon or @jane - see new user’s other post: Web app With Link


@krithikvasan6m1 I know you’re young but this is a very serious thing to post. And we’re not going to ban someone from the forums just because they might have said something you don’t like. @codeswept has been helpful and polite every time I’ve seen a post from them.

If you have evidence of something that violates the community guidelines, please send that in a private message to me or to a Thunkable staff member such as @domhnallohanlon or @jane.

The topic that’s linked above shows that you posted a link to another user’s project without giving that person credit. If you are going to post someone else’s project, you need to be really clear about who created it and why you are posting it.


Thanks @catsarisky and @tatiang for flagging this.

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