I am trying to build a small app called “Stop the rain.”

If i set the backgroundpicture in the designer it is not visible during live testing.

Setting the backgroundpicture in the block screen1.starts doesn’t work. Setting the backgroundpicture of the screen in works.

Am i doing something wrong?

Other things i noticed:

I also miss the screen backpress block like i have in any AI clone. Is there an alternative for x?

The apk size for a really small app like stop the rain is already 11,5 MB, the original Thunkable version is “only” 2,9 MB. That’s a big difference.

Hi there. I don’t believe you are doing anything wrong – we haven’t noticed this issue before so thanks for reporting it.


@Peter_Mathijssen regarding app size, the base app size is going to be larger and get somewhat larger, at least for now. The good news is, unless you’re including a lot of big resources, your very complex apps won’t increase the size much at all. Having a uniform binary does come with some advantages though, at some point in the future we may be able to allow small over the air delta updates to be pushed to existing users of your apps. That being said, we hope to someday have a more dynamic build that will slim app sizes a bit. Keep in mind that when you publish to Google Play store, while the first download the users get will be the full app, the rest of the updates are deltas, see Thanks for your feedback, we’ll continue to squash bugs and add features as fast as we can.


There is no back button on IOS, so this fonctionnality won’t work on both platform … :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It seems that way. That shouldn’t be the case. The backpressbutton in Android is heavely used and an important feature.

@Peter_Mathijssen Android back button should go back to previous screens already in this release. As for customizing it, I think we could probably add that at some point and it would just never fire when your app is running on iOS. I’ve added an issue to our backlog.

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