Background Tasks extension

I will continue work after doing stuff in background…


Looking forward for this Extension. Thanks in Adv.

Cheers !!

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But as I said before.


By the way, everyone, sorry for being not so active past week. Due problems, I didn’t have time for that.

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No worries, just need some kind of ability to handle stuff in background.

hi, someone knows when backgroun services will be ready?

As of now, I am currently working on a few things, afterwards, I will get back on working with this extension.
P.S: MIT is currently developing Tasks, you can find out it at

thanks for the answer
they suggested me not to use the service appinventor, cause in future could be changed a lot…

You can use them, your app won’t break later on, it will work the same way. But in the future, they will be updating Tasks, so it is better to wait for an update.

inoltre quando esporto il progetto mi da errore
quindi credo debbano fixare qualche cosa

si, credo che aspetterò e i task in background li inserisco dopo,…grazie

Thunkable is better than Appinventor but without Appinventor we would not have had Thunkable.

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Umm, what was that for?

Well i woudn’t really use this because i don’t like the design and there are less functions.

Oh you about that. That is a beta version only.

which are latest and advance this
or this

if you want to use MIT App Inventor, then use

btw: why you should not use the services server see also this thread

I really want to see this so plz keep this thread alive everyone!

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Hello, currently I am focusing on other things & working on things that I am into currently. Thunkable/App Inventor/AppyBuilder are my not highest priority interests and I am not into them as I was. I’ll try to keep this project alive, but I am not sure.

Ok that’s of course fine but could you maybe now disclose your ideas for the workaround etc for someone else to take over using? Thanks