Background Tasks extension


I meant different thing. I will publish source code after making an extension, but for now I not tell the secret :blush:


@ILoveThunkable I Like your spirit and confidence. Way to go!


I am confident, because I know a workaround :wink:


I think that might be impossible, but i would love to see you prove me wrong


Where can this be found?



So @ILoveThunkable the Challenge is yours now. :grinning: Make that which is impossible possible :grinning::grin:
I love Thunkable community Family. Active and Determined Members


Hello everyone, I just want to note, that extension blocks, info, changelog, updates & other stuff will be posted in If you have any questions, then post them here or in PM.


How’s it going @ILoveThunkable :slight_smile:


Currently I stopped working on this extension due a few things.


didn’t you committed yourself to a deadline? :wink:



linea 345 en adelante

  • Creates an AndroidManifest.xml file needed for the Android application.
    private boolean writeAndroidManifest(File manifestFile, Set broadcastReceiversNeeded) {
    // Create AndroidManifest.xml

puedes probar en un servidor personal y luego lo pasas a los desarrolladores para que lo implementen el sitio




I stopepd working on it due stuff in background (as I said in Why dont we get answers topic)

#20 webpage has been now linked to my other project: Tasks - a simple web server written in Python.
Learn more at:


I too had high hopes and plenty of stuffs in mind for this component. i hope this is not the end of your promise @ILoveThunkable


I will continue work after doing stuff in background…


Looking forward for this Extension. Thanks in Adv.

Cheers !!


But as I said before.



By the way, everyone, sorry for being not so active past week. Due problems, I didn’t have time for that.


No worries, just need some kind of ability to handle stuff in background.