Back to Screen1 without initialize



I have a question.
When i open a second screen and then back to Screen1 does the Screen1.Initialize block execute?
And Do all the initialize global variable execute?
It seems to me Yes, but i don’t want them to.
Which is the best method to not re-initialize all or initialize only at the fist open of main screen?

(Why they call them global if they are not visible from other screens??)


close screen2 to go back screen1


see the current limitations of the companion app here and test your app after building using the apk file…


It’s courious, @Giuseppe_Geppo_Catta, we are working on the same issues :smiley:

Try close Screen2 with value and when open back Screen1 check if the value is set or not. I don’t know what’s happen to global variables… maybe they are “global” only to screen.

I’m going to use multiple arrangement.


yes exactly
see also