Asynchronous Image Loader - AsyncImageLoader by ColinTree



Do not need to get stuck while loading online image!

Events and Methods

  • Events

    • ImageLoadFailed
    • ImageLoaded (Succeed)

  • Methods

    • SetArrangementImage
      (TableArrangement has not a Image property, so it is not supported)
    • SetButtonBaseImage
      (Button, DatePicker, ListPicker, and TimePicker are supproted)
    • SetImagePicture
      (For Image only)

    (Totally 9 components supported)
    P.S. these methods can set up the image, but the image property will not be changed
    e.g. i used this extension to set a online picture for a empty Image comopnent, but the property Image.Picture is still empty though the component has already get a picture.


AsyncImageLoaderTest_en.aia (17.5 KB)
AsyncImageLoaderTest_en.apk (1.5 MB)


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Felicitaciones muy buen trabajo


hi,colintree,this extension functuon maybe with your slideshow extension.i mean that your slideshow extension fill with url image path.

[Free] ColinTreeSlideshow Version 2 released (2017.9.24)

well that is a good idea. i will update it later in today


Hi @ColinTree,

Thank you for your extensions.
Can i use it with Screen Background image?


can i use it with Cardview Extension :question:


I dont think so… Sorry


Could you make extension like grid view with cache images… and others…
You re creating extensions for free and sponsored


Quite hard to do this actually… different components have different way to set images, and extra work will be needed for them


If it would
It could be better