Asynchronous Image Loader - AsyncImageLoader by ColinTree



Do not need to get stuck while loading online image!

Events and Methods

  • Events

    • ImageLoadFailed
    • ImageLoaded (Succeed)

  • Methods

    • SetArrangementImage
      (TableArrangement has not a Image property, so it is not supported)
    • SetButtonBaseImage
      (Button, DatePicker, ListPicker, and TimePicker are supproted)
    • SetImagePicture
      (For Image only)

    (Totally 9 components supported)
    P.S. these methods can set up the image, but the image property will not be changed
    e.g. i used this extension to set a online picture for a empty Image comopnent, but the property Image.Picture is still empty though the component has already get a picture.


AsyncImageLoaderTest_en.aia (17.5 KB)
AsyncImageLoaderTest_en.apk (1.5 MB)


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Felicitaciones muy buen trabajo


hi,colintree,this extension functuon maybe with your slideshow extension.i mean that your slideshow extension fill with url image path.

[Free] ColinTreeSlideshow Version 2 released (2017.9.24)

well that is a good idea. i will update it later in today


Hi @ColinTree,

Thank you for your extensions.
Can i use it with Screen Background image?


can i use it with Cardview Extension :question:


I dont think so… Sorry


Could you make extension like grid view with cache images… and others…
You re creating extensions for free and sponsored