Artificial intelligence

Does anyone know how to create (program) an artificial intelligence? No how thunkable? What language is used? Do you have any extensions? Thank you

ā€œArtificial intelligenceā€ is what is called ā€œdeep learningā€.
A specific network (artificial neural network) exists or is emulated which makes an assessment of the response obtained from a certain set of input, and would adjust the activation and inhibition factors between nodes in order to progressively reach a state where a desired output is consistently obtained from an input. That is how facial recognition is working, for instance. Provide enough pictures of Waldo and such a system would be able to find Waldo.

You can check the Wikipedia page on if you wish. Virtually any high level language can be used, that is not the critical issue. In fact, looking at that page, I was surprised NOT seeing Lisp anywhere, since that was the language used from the beginning in that field.


Thank you CBVG.

There are actual successful companies in the sphere of machine learning like ChiSW, that make products not only for big clients, but for everyday life, recommend checking them out, there are a lot of neat stuff.

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