AR extension idea


Can anyone make an AR extension?


Care to explain what AR is?


Augmented Reality, search it up


please follow the community guidelines… thank you.

see also





I searched for it. First thing I saw was Arkansas. Let’s make an extension for Arkansas! :joy:


bwahahahahahaha that was insane… :joy::joy: By the way is it actually possible to make an extension for Augmented Reality? or if we can somehow get the live camera feedback on the canvas?



it still isn’t an extension… I could also go with VR


It’s what’s available about augmented reality. I got it by searching on Google. For somebody to do an extension for that (which I don’t even know if its possible), there needs to be a popular demand and it doesn’t seem like that’s the case.
Let’s wait for the extension developers to show up and have their opinion about it.


I think AR requires too much libs and software for an Thunkable app


I would really appreciate if you have an ‘ar’ feature …that would help me build my desired app


you could do AR and VR in an another fork of app inventor here :

Hope to have extensions


I have developed a 3D extension called “Scene3D”.Soon after I will develop AR and VR plugin based on Scene3Dand it will support shader so that everyone can coding their own shader.


Hello, did you do something for the AR extension ?
when you’ve done something, i’m interested in