App's screen crashed and came back


Hi everyone, I tried to do an app with just three screens, but in one of them there are a lot of checkboxes (about 27) and lots of data picker with all the relatives blocks.
When, from the main screen, i try to go that screen, it tries to open but it came back to the prevoius screen. There aren’t memory issues and the app doesn’t crashes. What can I do? Thank you for your suppot


follow tip 1 and 2



I’ve already tried this method, without success. What can I also do? What is the problem? The quantity of the components in one screen?


so do you get a runtime error or not?
without you providing more details we only can guess and provide general recommendations

too much components might be an issue…
what about reducing redundancy?
see also



I haven’t got details because no error message appear. I can guess it should be a runtime error but I don’t know. When i click on button, the screen load but after few moments it go back to the previous screen. I have no idea about what is the problem, nothing appear and the app doesn’t crash


Maybe post your blocks.


Here there are the blocks of the screen that doesn’t work


And we are supossed to be able to read this?

How do you switch screens.




follow the recommendation to avoid redundancy
and learn to use procedures