Apps is opened when there is an Internet connection

How to make app open if there is an internet connection, if not the warning appears if there is not internet connection try again later

You can try my SimpleTools extension, it only tells if user is connected to wifi. Mobile data doesn’t currently work.

Is it free?

Yup. You can find it at Simple Tools Extension

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check this method

i actually use it in my apps
i made a demo for u & i hope it can help u :wink:

check_for_internet.aia (2.0 KB)

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How to check Internet connection by Saj


Is it work with mobile data?

I try to mix it but its doesnt work?
I want if l click notifier “OK” the app is close, can you fix it?

the AfterChoosing event will only fire after using the ShowChooseDialog method
and if you want to use only one button, just use an empty text block as second button

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Thanks all of you @Taifun @HMZMR @ILoveThunkable, l appreciate it very much

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Can l change the @HMZMR methode for check the GPS at user phone?

sorry for the late i didnt checked this place for a week

i dont think that this method is usefull for another purpose
u can check this article for more details about GPS


Hello here you arranged command if get choice is ok then close application you have to remove the block named close application you place another block like open another screen name .********.