Applovin extension making problem in one of my projects

Applovin extension is making problem. My app is not exporting. This problem is only in one of my projects. When I deleted the extension the apk exported. But I want to use applovin extension. Plz help me. I can send my aia to the experts (thunkable staff) plz solve my problem

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Hello there, @Chatpate_Experiments :wave:

Which extension(s) are u using?

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Applovin ads extension

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I’m also facing this issue. I am using applovin ads extension

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I know this problem is in my home screen of my project I request to the experts to review my project I will give them my aia file

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I found the solution the problem is I’m using one signal component When I removed it the apk exported successfully

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You must contact the developer of the extension or source you bought it


Applovin Extension is New Extension so developers are Updating it fast.
If you have Purchased it then you can contact Developers

Here is some Short Description about How to Use Applovin Extension and some about it’s Extensions Blocks … read More at

I know your problem is solved but you can check about it may help you