Application Hangs Mobile When Being Installed



Hello, Can anyone help me?
I made an application through Thunkable, however whenever someone who owns a MOTO G cell phone will install it, the cell phone will lock everything up, sometimes even restart the device. The error seems to occur on all phones in the MotoG family. I really need help! In many cases the application is not installed. Because darkness…

Unfortunately, <Application> has Stopped

I have Moto G4 (Android 7.0, Nougat), if you send me your .APK file I will test this.

Possible causes:

  • App icon wrong size
  • Too many images
  • Image file sizes are too big
  • Too many screens
  • Too many blocks
  • Error in your blocks


Esse é o link do App:
Teste para mim por favor!
Mas meu celular é um Moto G 3 e trava tudo quando vou instalar.


The link of my app is:
Please, check it for me!
My phone is a Moto G3 and everything crashes when I install it


I downloaded your app, installed it and it opens fine.
I am using a Moto G4 running Android 7.0, Nougat.

Some suggestions:

  • App icon wrong size
  • Too many images - remove unnecessary/unused images.
  • Image file sizes are too big - shrink the image files using
  • Too many screens - reduce the number of screens your app uses by using arrangements and setting them visible when needed.
  • Too many blocks - remove unnecessary blocks.
  • Error in your blocks - check for the red and yellow warning at the bottom left of the blocks editor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
The application has stopped

I do not understand what is happening then