App update releted help required


Hi I have set an internal app update on my app after the updated app downloaded form link " I want it should instantly open android app installer " How could it be done can any one help


Hello @Choubey_Ji Can you explain a bit more about your query? It would be very helpful if you share some screenshot or a logical example of your query

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Check the attachment when the block is marked will work then I what the downloaded file should open with packge installer.


I have a gut feeling that this cannot be done.
For reason of safety.
The apps in Play.Google are monitored, checked and verified by several systems, so are deemed safe.

But imagine that someone installs an app that can install others? Even if you sideload, the Android OS is designed to warn and notify you, asking for the user to authorize installation.

Now imagine that you could have app that auto-install others, without the involvement of the user.
You get this innocent looking enough app, and everything is OK, but at some point, it reaches out and contacts a URL (without telling you) where it finds another app, which gets installed and launched without your knowledge.
And that app spies on you, gets your credit card and bank info, reads all your email and text messages, hijacks your facebook account, and sends all that info to hackers in North Korea.

You really think Android will let this happen?


I am not saying thai it will auto install the app but it will lead the user to package installer where user have to decide to install or not


When ever we install any app it will open in package installer where we were asked to install or cancel just that what I want, can any one tell me how to do this