App to filter data based on city name


Hi i need a video tutorial to develop app that filters data based on a entry in particular column. an also the spreadsheet has to store in mobile so that data can be retrieved in OFFLINE also.


Hi @ramsagar2005, welcome to the Thunkable community!

If all your data are already in a spreadsheet then I’d recommend doing the sorting and filtering there.

To store that data for later, off-line use you can learn here:


I guess you are talking about a CSV file, right?
If that’s what you need, would this be what you want to do?
I don’t make video tutorials (sorry I don’t have the time) but I can teach you how to retrieve a list of rows containing the text you are searching for, like in the video.


hi thanks for reply

This is my requirement and can u share or suggest video link so that i can able to make app


I’m going to assume that you know how to work with lists, lists of lists and CSV tables. If you don’t please learn that first.

I made a procedure that searches for a string in a CSV table, row by row, in the specified column.
If the string exists within the column, the whole row is added to a new CSV list.
If not, then it goes to the next row.

At the end the procedure returns a CSV table with only the rows that matched the search string or “filtered”.
Then you can do whatever you need to do with those.

It is not supposed to BE your project. Instead please feel free to adapt this to your existing project or use it to start your own one.

This is the sample CSV file I used. It has 500 rows.
us-500.csv (90.2 KB)

Is it possible to use Firebase to filter list view selections?

Hi Italo,

Can you help me for this application?

I need exactly this and guess I would learning with you



What do you need help with? I think I layed everything out there already. Any question in particular?


Hola, eres hermano no? Me gusta mejor hablar en español, podria ser así o tiene que ser en inglés acá en este fórum?

Yo estaba buscando tips para hacer una aplicación con una base de datos en CSV y una busca (filter) y encontré un video tuyo en Youtube. Yo necesito algo casi igual. En este forum yo encontré este post que tu habla acerca de él pero aún asi no pudo lograr lo que yo quiero. Soy iniciante pero queria mucho aprender.

Yo escribi en tu Facebook ayer tambien.

Podria me ayudar?
Gracias por el reply e saludos desde Brasil!


I would rather use this forum to post my replies so other people can learn too.

This is the aia file for the demo app I show in the video.
CSV_Tables_Procedures.aia (45.4 KB)

The core of the whole thing is the search procedure I showed in the picture above. You can have any CSV table, and the procedure will search and return another CSV table with only the rows that matches the search string.
Beware, this is not a fast filtering method if you have a big CSV table. The one in the video has 500 rows and it works very decently. I think if you go over that, you will start seeing some delays.

There’s not a lot to explain, really. What the procedure does is to go thru the rows in the CSV table one by one and check if the search string is contained in the specified column.

If it is, then it adds the whole row to the new filtered list.
If it doesn’t, it just skips it.

Do you know how to work with LISTS and LISTS OF LISTS? If you don’t I strongly recommend you to learn that first.


Is possible edit each row or field after search? I know it’s possible if table is show in List (when List .AfterPicking) but I don’t know with Label.


Well, my example is not for editing, just to show how to filter a list. That’s why each column is just one tall label. You will have to think of a way to select individual rows.
Maybe create a 20-row arrangement with editable textboxes and use pages buttons, like PREVIOUS PAGE displays the previous 20 rows and NEXT PAGE displays the next 20 rows.


eu tentei renomear um nome de sua lista csv e ao salvar o aplicativo ja
nao quiz quebrar por linha e coluna


“Last name”,“Company”,“Address”,“City”,“County”,“State”,“Zip”,“Phone 1”,“Phone 2”,“Email”,“Website”

“Dadio”,“Benton, John B Jr”,“6649 N Blue Gum St”,“New Orleans",“Orleans”,“LA”,70116,“504-621-8927”,“504-845-1427”,"[email protected]”,“


mim ajuda


Check your double quotes (") Make sure they all open and close correctly. Also, make sure they are all double and don’t mix with single quotes.


Select list item: Attempt to get item number 2 of a list of length 1: [“First name,“Last name”,“Company”,“Address”,“City”,“County”,“State”,“Zip”,“Phone 1”,“Phone 2”,“Email”,“Website””]
Note: You will not see another error reported for 5 seconds.


fica dando este erro!
eu so alterei um nome


it looks like you forgot to convert the csv table into a list? what about using the list from csv table block?
also it would be great, if you could write in English… it seems to be, this community does not offer the automatic translation option anymore…

It would really help if you provided a screenshot of your relevant blocks, so we can see what you are trying to do, and where the problem may be.



Estou querendo fazer uma tabela dinamica com dados extraidos da memoria do celular em csv