App Testing fails when I try sidebar drawer

I am trying to learn how to include a sidebar menu drawer in my App.
But when I try to open the app in Thunkable app on my mobile it closes.

It otherwise works well with other screens but when the screen with sidebar comes it stops.

Can anyone help me ?

can you Please share with us any screenshots of your blocks?

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This is simple code which I used in the app.

Did you upload the relevant font files and images to your app?


There is no method used for opening and closing sidebar.

Hi @Nick1
@domhnallohanlon meant this…

Did you upload these in you assets?
Of course instead of image.png you should upload your image logo_new.jpg

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Thank you all for the support. It is working now and is beautiful.

I just got a query…

How do I put the sidebar in all the screens ? Do I need to copy the codes and paste it in all the screen blocks or is there any easy way out ?

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copy the code and paste it

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