App size too big! Want to add lots of sounds..Advice Please


I have app which is a type of a soundboard app and now I want to add lots of sounds but the size of an app is dramatically increasing.
Advice Please.


Hello @broinaweek
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My advice is that you use the firebase storage extension to store your sounds :blush: an internet connection will be necessary for your app to work but, I think that’s a small price to pay :sweat_smile:

The extension can be found here: [Free] FirebaseStorage Extension



Thankyou! would it be possible if it allows user to store sound one time in app after they download the app and later just use it offline?


For this case u can follow this :point_down: link

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is there any other solution?

I would like to try out


@broinaweek Sorry, I didn’t understand your above reply.

The Link I posted above has the solution for your mentioned question :point_down:

If you follow the link you will come to know that your app will only use internet for the first time it runs and will download all required files.

Later you can use the app offline everytime and you will have all the files within your app. :slight_smile:


Hey if you could, can you provide a simple aia of the filebyfile webviewr OF YOUR OWN. I cant seem to get it working. Please!

the download in first run and later use it offline example


I guess you didn’t read the whole post well after opening the link I provided.

After opening the link, if you scroll the page till the end you will find that @Taifun has provided the aia file.

Dowload the aia file you need(there are 2 options of aia file I guess) and I am sure this will help with your project :slight_smile: :+1:


I did thats why asked you this

If possible could you please post an aia file of a working solution.


Sorry, I can’t. I dont have one :confused:


Thankyou! but if you did one please send.


Ok :slight_smile:



You mean that you downloaded any of the aia files


located in the link @Vaibhav_Patil has posted

and it did not work for you?

Can you send us a screenshot of your blocks?


Here’s the aia not able to figure out how to show the downloaded picture, how to not make the app run “downlading files” everytime the app start!

Please advice


use an image component

see Q7 here


Take a look. [Free] Extended Web Viewer Extension