App running in the background as a service

Is there any way i can create a service so my application can run in the background as a service and collect acceleromter data.

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This currently isn’t possible.

It has been already been suggested:

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Umm… This works just fine with android 5.0.1, by leaving this app in the tasks rather than swipe it off…

Download now!! acceleromter.aia (2.9 KB)

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Thank you very much. It’s working…

is this only for clocks , will it work with location sensor

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you might want to test this yourself… let us know, what you find out

i just test it and boooom… the location sensor isnt work when i minimize the app :smiley:

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Hi thunkers,

Is there block for know if my app minimized or no?

I mean if user pressed (Home) button or pressed (running apps tabs) button.

Can I call some procedures before this action?