App package name change


my first app is a published on the Play Store so there app package name is com.thunkebal.maheshteli90 and no I want today update my app but there is the show and package name is com.maheshteli90 now app package name is changed so what can I do

so now how to the publisher of my app from Play Store


Did you upload a backup aia? Are you working with a new app that has the same name?

Here are the steps for changing the package name:


this is a hard way , is there a way that we can save our update with same old package name . i tried your tutorial but after every thing i got that name is differnt and cant update. kindly help.


yes, just use the same Google login and same project name to get the same package name



thank you taifun , but i am using the same login and same aia file. but name is differnt. can you be more specific . thank you in advance


you might want to provide a screenshot of the Google Play error message as well as more details including screenshots of the old project name and new project name