App moving between developer profiles


Hi Thunkers! I face the following problem:
I moved my app from an older profile to another developer profile (using google’s service: they moved all the stats, users etc, the new profile has all the rights.). I migrated my app in thunkable as well. Downloaded the aia, uploaded, and key imported to the new one. I tried importing as legacy and as just a project as well.
The error msg:

How could I resolve this issue?
Thank you in advance!


Always disable Google Play App Signing as Thunkable already signs your app


Take a look at @Avram’s comprehensive tutorial for changing your package name here:


But once its turned on, it cannot be undone, thanks for the note.


Hi Domhnall,

It seems to me scarily complicated. I guess there isnt any other method?!


Actually it’s not. Took me around an hour to change app name for the first time (including downloading all the needed tools). Now I can do it in 5 minutes :slight_smile: