App for Google Play Has Error

I can export apk but not for Google Play with Thunkable. There is an error in exporting app for Google Play for same app can be exported as normal app (not for Google Play)


What error?
Can u plz elaborate?

A screenshot of error can also help :slight_smile:

Thanks! :smile:

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There are issues with the API 28 compliant compiler, where the number of components and logic blocks is severely restricted compared with the previous API 26 compiler.
It is all documented and, as Peter pointed out, you could have saved yourself the hassle by just reading what others have posted.

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It extinguished my passion on Thunkable. I can upload normal apk to play store? If I can, what problems can be issue in the future?

Thanks for contact

If what do you mean by “normal” APK is the API 26 that is produced by selecting “Export -> App” as opposed to “Export -> App for Google Play”, the answer is likely no, since there was a ruling by Google that all new apps have to be API 28, starting August 1st.

If you have an existing app, then you have a couple of extra months for updates to be limited to API 26.

And the problem is that future Android devices may come out that are unable to run applications that are not at least API 28.

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I have an existing app I’ve been working on for fourty days. I’m going to finish one week later for Android. If I have a couple of extra months for updates to be limited to API 26, I can sustain my project to upload API 26 to Google Play. In the future if API 26 causes issues, then I would look for some solutions.

Is there the same issue between Apple Store and Thunkable X? After android uploading, I will make same app for IOS with Thunkable X.

Thanks for your help

I haven’t seen any report that X’s API 28 compliant compiler was more restrictive than the previous version as far as the overall scope (number of component + number of logical blocks) is concerned.
That said, users have been reporting issues with X app being considered too large for comfortable editing with a much smaller footprint that what went OK on the Classic side. Moreover, the fact that X is still lacking many of the features and components available in Classic (canvas, webviewer string, date and time handling functions, etc) means it is not a valid substitute for Classic.
If you have an issue using the API 28 compiler on Classic because your app is currently too ressource demanding, then there is a very good chance it would not be handled gracefully as a X port.

The bottom line is that Thunkable is supposed to look into fixing the API 28 Classic compiler.
The sub-bottom line is that Thunkable has stated that they will STOP supporting the Classic by the end of this year.

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Yes, Thunkable X is lacking a lot mostly that X doesn’t use aix. My project has twelve aix formatted files. I struggle reflecting these aixes to X platform with trying some tricks by using X’s blocks.

In my opinion, Thunkable and other platforms like Thunkable take a long time for making everything OK if they will be able to.

To go positive, I use my block skill to build algorithm straightly and easily. And I convert it to java code with help of Java Bridge of MIT App inventor. And through my java ability, I can make android app without any such as problems and disability on block code platforms. Android Studio is wonderful.

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I didn’t know about Java Bridge, that is something that appears quite useful. What gets me is that I missed hearing about it, even if I had been looking for such a tool.

Given that it is supposedly ‘alpha’, what is your take on it? How robust and reliable is it?

Thanks for the info, it will sure be handy.

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About this JavaBrindge, what is your take on that?

I tried to import an app to get a feeling of how it works, and I loaded the layout, but completely skipped the logic blocks. Browsing though their forum, I noticed someone reporting that the presence of horizontal arrangements is apparently responsible for this (I have them all over the place in my apps; I found out that having a horizontal arrangement that is slightly smaller than a button emulates a smaller button but with a caption that is not bounded by the usual margins).

The point is that this positing (and presumably finding) goes back 2 years ago (June 2017), and it would be rather surprising that a fix had not been implemented yet… What is you experience with the tool? Are there other limitations that could pop up with a very large app?

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Yes, it has many errors. I suggest it not to use as base platform. But my offer would be to use as auxiliary platform. I back up my block codes as they have one task by one task. And I build my back up blocks in Javabridge. So it is small project and must be converted to java code. Then I try my java apk. If the apk works fine, I back it up too. Finally, I use whole back up java codes to build the big goal project in Android Studio. I advise your main platform should be Android Studio to build goal project. You can use Javabridge to build small back up java codes.

I have been putting the decision on going with Android Studio because it is a jungle out there. Some swear by Kotlin beyond the different flavors of Java itself, Apache Cordova, and I just found out about Enyo and Flutter.
And those are only some the languages, environment and SDK I have been considering, there are a lot more that I do not know well enough to make any judgment. By trying to make things ‘easier’ with different integrated environment, those languages and package developers have moved the burden to the selection process for the environment itself. And each time, you fear you are gong to pick something that will eventually go away, like Thunkable wants to do with Classic, having invested a lot in one that is not longer considered ‘current’.

Engineering requires that you have many tools but you choose well which is the best benefit tool. So, we should search enough almost everything to get best way. But like you said, it has been hard to foresee such platforms satisfy us in the future. It’s main reason is such platforms are new. The developers of the platforms are not confident about the future of them too. At least, they provide convenience to build app. I consider, they solve all problems but when. Everything get updating all over the world, some days no error and some days errors appearing. There is no any absolute guarantee.