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Hi all. I’m planning on building an app with a webviewer. The app will display a website. But the website is not mine. Is this allowed? Iv’e seen apps displaying 4 or 5 different newpapers but the app builders didn’t own those newspapers. same idea. this allowed by Google? Sorry for english.

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From the Intellectual Property, Deception, and Spam section of the Google Play Developer Policy Center under Webviews and Affiliate Spam (emphasis mine):

We don’t allow apps whose primary purpose is to drive affiliate traffic to a website or provide a webview of a website without permission from the website owner or administrator.

So I advise that you ask the site owner for permission or don’t display it in the Webview.

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i have a social media app with a lot of social media sites about 30 in it and it has crossed 1500 and still counting. honestly the first time i published it, there was no probs but in trying to update it, i had a probs just like @Amoroso Specified above and ie. intellectual property rights due to my App Icon so what i did was to change the app icon and screenshots and the Update was accepted by Google. (NB; Google will always email you or give you a screen prompt as to why something is wrong.)
When Publishing an App that has content such as website or radio station that is not yours, make sure you indicate that in your store listing description by staying away from saying things as though it was yours. in my Social media App description, i made it clear that this is just a medium through which users can easily access the website of the individual owners and it should be treated more like any browser that helps brings more traffic to those website.
Disclaimer: what you just read is my personal experience and i can not guarantee the same process would work for you but i do hope it will if you use the right materials and stay away from store descriptions that might lure your potential users as though you were the rightful owner of those website.

  1. Just Make Sure your App Icon is Original and the ScreenShots are Also Original
  2. Description Must not be Delusive
  3. If you can, Read the Privacy Policy of Those Website you want to use
  4. Browse Google Play to see if there has been other Apps that has successfully included those Websites Without any Problem. Take a Look at their App icons, screenshots and Description and Decide on how to differentiate yours


As at the Time i was writing the previous comment, web-viewer apps were supported. But a lot of policies have changed and webviewer apps are no longer supported. this is not to say that you can not build apps that has web-viewer in them performing other minor functions but this is to say that building apps solely for displaying web-pages of other websites example social media app containing links to other social media pages, dating sites and performs no core function built into the app are not supported and can get your app suspended. Thunkable has a lot of Components and functions that can get any one to build apps that are content based rather than webviewer based. For the safety of your Account kindly avoid building apps that are solely webviewer generated content. Another example is building a Youtube app that has links to videos that are only displayed in the webviewer without any other content based functionality. Such Apps becomes totally useless and displays error pages in the event of no internet connectivity. this affects the user experience.

The thought expressed above are my understanding of the new Google Apps policy on the use of Webviewer and does not reflect or represent the original intended meaning or purpose of the Policy or the message intended to be carried to those it was meant for(App Developers). I therefore encourage all those who wish to use the Webviewer in their app to visit Google Play Policies and read the privacy policy for their own understanding. In no event or circumstances do I take Responsibility for Damages caused, Suspension or loss of account arising out of the use of this piece of information.

Your usage of this information is at your Sole Discretion.


Wow. I need to read the Developer Policy first. Thanks a lot.

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Great. I will first read the Developer Policy and see how best I can credit the site owners. Great insight. Thank you both.

hey, my app was suspended for violating webview and affiliate spam, can I get out of this problem by opening that webpage in an external browser?

Do you have a copy of the email from the Play store? They usually outline the steps you need to take to get your app back in good standing.

I am also suffering from same problem. In Case website is mine then how can i use webview. And can i use google form using webview in thunkable.

i fix this issue here follow my step