App crashes when navigating between screens


Dear valued, my apk file keep crashing when I navigate from screens to home screen1 and then trying to go to another screen. You have to navigate for few times to see the crash.
It is like the memory is not cleared after closing the sub screens.
I tried several ways to manage the screen closing such as the one descried in the link
with no luck.
You can find the aia file in the following link
Please help me to get rid of this issue as I have been struggling for weeks with it.

[Urgent!] App stopped when navigating between screens

To be clear: Are you using Thunkable for Android or Thunkable X? Because the link is only valid for Thunkable for Android


Opps, my bad. I am using it for android.
Sorry for that


First : [Urgent!] won’t give faster help… it is always urgent!!!

Second: did you try :


Thanks for your response, I am sorry for being ignorant. You are right, I shouldn’t add “Urgent” to my topic.
Second, yes I tried it but it did me no good. The problem still persist.
Do you have any other suggestions?


Do you have images or other media files in your assets?


Yes I do have lots of them. I tried to shrink their sizes as well. Why the memory stack the images from previous screens when going back to the main screen?


Anyone else please help me. I am struggling with this issue for 2 weeks with no clue on how to solve it.


see tip 2



I did see it, thanks for the tip. I always benefit from your site, keep up the good work.
However, I saw it when it is already late. If you check my app is too complicated and it is very difficult to minimize the screens number. I already merged few screens together so that my screens now are about 5 screens only, it took me like forever to merge them.
Is there a way to insure that the screen memory will be cleared after closing the sub screen and going back to the main screen1.
I followed two ways mentioned in your site without luck. Please find the time to go through my aia. I will be so grateful.



i have same problem.
i am using new method after success i will answer you.wait short time