App crashes (because of the size?)


Hello, hope anyone can help here and thanks beforehand
The app crashes and i think that’s because my app size is 10mb. Im in the limit
I can build the APK, but when I try in my phone this crashes when going trough screens (I have 4 screens, the rest visible-invisible). I looked into my blocks but there is not an evidence of bad working.

I thought this must be because of the size, and I wanted to ask if there is anything I can do before trying to remove my images (I have a total of 30 images… a lot…)
And If you think that it must be another issue, I’m open(and desperate… hehe) to hear opinions.
My blocks are basically buttons for paying on paypal, buttons that open other screens and that sets virtual screens visible or not, and buttons to see videos on youtube. Also I have a screen for send me an email. The blocks are all fine and work perfectly

Thanks for reading


see tip 1 and 2 here



One of my app Created in AppInventor, then ported to Thunkable contains 10 screeens and more than 150 images, ididnt get this problem.

Post your Blocks

Or send the aia


hey can u help me with it , my app also getting crashed . it has 10 screen . pls help me out


before asking please read




Its like @Taifun quoted. I also had more than 1 screen. You have to set virtual screens with arrangments and then do all the stuff you have in the screen. In the blocks, like in a button who opens another screen, now it will be doing set screen(arrangment) true or false.
My advice is that you read what Taifun quoted


thanks…i m working on it …:slight_smile: