App crash whenever i switch to next screen


My app is crashing whenever new screen is loaded. Plus my ads are also not showing. I’m becoming so depressed none of my apps are working correctly. Can i send my aia file to someone who can check it for me please please?


When do they crash, in the emulator or after download? Also, I do not know much about the ad components but I would disable them for now and see if that solves the issue. If not, I do not see anything wrong in the blocks you’ve posted (unless the new screen name isn’t spelled correctly like task instead of Task).


It crashes both in the emulator and after download from the store. The screen name is also correct. I reduced the number of images in the next screen from 10 to 2.


Has that helped? If you would like you can send me your aia file and i will take a look however I dont know anything about admob so if that is the issue i would be useless.


I think the issue is more about the screen memory than admit. just give it a try


actually people are not answering this query because its already solved.
looks like u r not closing ur current screen.


try admob banner in new testing app, if it works there then there is missing blocks in ur main app.
or if it doesnt work in even test app then check ur add id is correct.


Him not closing screens looks like his issue based on looking at his aia file.


i just tried a test app and put the admob test ad id. still didn’t work.


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The two blocks are the two ways i tried loading the add. both don’t work


did u checked it?


Did you try this :


You forgot to set timer enable to false. So every seconds you ads are loading and can’t bevisible… I think…




yes. now it started showing banner ads but not interstitial ads


Be patient. It is not a Thunkable issue. More like Admob related. Be sure to read all documentation on proper use of Admob in the community not to end up with a banned Admob account.
Also read all you can find in Admob policies and terms. There is also an explanation for new accounts and delay in showing ads [if memory serves well :wink:]


Thank you everyone for helping! My ads are working perfectly fine now but the screen is still crashing.


The operation > cannot accept the arguments: , [[email protected]], [15]
What does this mean?
I changed the blocks from pic 1 to pic 2 and got this error
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follow tip 1 and 2