App Crash when i transfer data from 1 screen to the other



At first when i press (BEER BUTTON) everything works fine, the App opens the “items” screen with no problems.
on the “items” screen i collect the value of the total sales, and that is saved with tinydb2. When i go back to the menu screen to make another selection the App crash, if i dont do the calculation in the “items” scrren i can go back to the menu and makeanother selection with no problem, but the moment the calculation is done and saved , and i go back to the menu screen the App crash when i make another selection.

i need help please


see tip 1 here how to switch screens correctly

and next time for screenshots:

====================== Screen Capture +++++++++++++
On Windows Ctr + PrtScn keyboard keys pressed at same time copies an image of the screen to the Windows Clipboard. Open Paint and save the image by placing the contents of the clipboard into Paint. Save the image to your desktop or another folder as a png or jpg file. On Win 7 and above you can use the Snipping tool (in Accessories) to capture an image of blocks directly from the screen. Capture what you need and Save the file to a folder on your PC.

On a Mac, command-shift-3 (whole-screen) or command-shift-4 (drag a rectangle) to take a screenshot. The image file will appear on your desktop.

To post an image to the forum: Once you copy an image and named it something like capturedimage.png and you have put it in a folder on your PC; find the blue Insert Image control in the forum text area (the blue icon is next to and left of the Link). Press the icon. A small screen opens…drag the capturedimage.png to the new screen; wait a few seconds while Google’s forum loads the image to the text area. Now the image is in the forum’s text box area, ready to post.

Please save the images as a jpg or png file. Other formats are possible but create problems for some forum members in reading your images.
by SteveJG