App Compiling Error: "The compiler error output was"


My app is not compiling and even the errors are not shown…


these threads might help


When i try to open the screen 3 of my app, i have this problem… screen shot attached. How can i delete the Screen 3 or even propose better solution


yes, probably to delete Screen3 could be the solution to get it running again

  1. download your project (aia file)
  2. backup the file (always a goode idea, see also below)
  3. open it using 7zip
  4. find the folder src and open the subfolders until you find the scm and bky files and delete Screen3.bky and Screen3.scm
  5. upload the project again to Thunkable

you might want to create backups next time, see also tip 6 below
so in case of problems, you always can restart from the latest backup…



Thanks a LOT :slight_smile: