App closes unfortunately as i press the Home Screen


All screens are working well
at last screen i have added home Button and control is to open new screen name home

But as i click on home the app gets unfortunately stops

even in the slide bar there is a home button
app also gets unfortunately closed when i click on that Home Button


Would you show the blocks of opening and closing screens, please? So I can help you.


make sure to follow tip 1 and 2



this are the allover screenshots of blocks of "home’ Screen
which doesn’t get open from another screen
screenshot - 226,227,228 are of screen named “home”

Screenshot 230 and 231 are of the Screen Named “go”
And this Screen Has a Button which has the control to open the Screen Named “home”


it seems to be, you only are opening screens but never close them?
The recommended method of switching screens in App Inventor

see also tip 1