Apk error other Device


I created Android app used extension sidebar and action bar also uploaded materialIcon regural.ttf and Reboto Medium.ttf. also I created 4 screen and same option. in my device working apk file very well. Their is problem with others devices they got Run time error. Please help me solve this issue.

Thank you


How to ask Great Questions would be a good start


??? U means


I means that with the info you give no one will be able to help you. You have to give more info. Devices you use. Android versions, any relevant blocks.


It’s Problem with all devices… not a specific. I hope their is problem with some extension or .TTF font. Would u help me, I can share u aia


Check this application


Then you will have to test what happens if you delete an extension or ttf font and see what happens.


Can this help?


Thank you very much